Kid’s White Paper Poofy Chef’s Hat

By Nonna Joann • Jun 18th, 2009 • Category: 'The Forest Feast' Teaching Helps

Kid’s White Poofy Chef’s Hat Directions

brandon2.JPGYou’ll need:
A band of white poster board 26 inches long and 3 inches high
3 sheets of white tissue paper
Scotch tape
clear packing tape

1) Cut the tissue paper to three 10 inches by 26 inches pieces.

2) Pleat and tape one of the short sides of each tissue strip along the hat band. Continue until pleated tissue paper runs the length of the hat band. I used a 3″ X 3″ piece of poster board to help pleat the paper and taped every 5 or 6 inches with Scotch tape. When you have pleated all the tissue paper, place a strip of clear packing tape over the ends to firmly secure to the poster board band.

3) Gather the tissue at the top, taping it tightly together.

Brandon & Nicole are ready to start cooking!

nicole-hat.JPG4) Curl the band tape side in, place it around a child’s head, and paper clip.

5)  Remove the hat. Staple or tape the ends of the hat, remove the paper clip, and puff up the tissue.

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