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Cover-MediaRoomParents are routinely assured their child will consume enough variety in foods during the span of a week, giving him the nutritional balance needed. Unfortunately, this conventional advice no longer applies, because fake food has replaced whole food.

Up until now, bewildered parents of picky eaters were typically left to their own devices. The advice from busy pediatricians is sparse, “Don’t punish your child for rejecting certain foods,” usually doesn’t come with the solution as to how to get your little tyke to eat anything nutritious. To make matters worse, parents of junk food eaters are offered little direction on how to help their youngsters develop healthy eating habits.

Practical solutions are limited. The standard “One Bite Rule” translates to a child, “some food is so yucky—only one bite is required.” Baby Bites™ - A Guide For Parents of Picky Eaters - Back Cover

Desperate parents often endeavor to please or cope with their finicky eater. Many times, mom just takes on another job of short-order cook. Because parents are overworked and stressed-out, they often retreat to the sure-to-please fast food option.

One pediatrician’s advice is to leave the picky eater alone and he’ll eventually eat nutritious foods. He states on his website, “It would be a miracle if you can get your picky child to try anything new.”

Well, I believe in miracles! Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater gives you the knowledge, tools, encouragement, help and, more importantly, the hope so desperately needed. Good ol’ fashioned Nonna-sense (Nonna is Italian for grandmother) is at the core of the Baby Bite Steps.

With the implementation of the Baby Bite Steps, parents no longer bribe or threaten their children to eat. The Baby Bite Steps integrate multi-sensory learning by incorporating the visual, auditory, and tactile ways your child learns.

Directed-play is a vital component of the Baby Bite Steps, which enhances multi-sensory learning. Two adorable creatures, Baby Betty BitesTM and Try RannosaurusTM, transform dreaded mealtimes into fun times, teaching your child all food is yummy-especially the green variety. They bring fun to the table, while challenging your child to eat nutritious foods. When you include Try and Betty in your mealtimes, your child will discover the attributes of healthful foods.

Baby BitesTM is peppered with real-life testimonies. Food preferences are often formed by age four and testimonies confirm that food aversions are frequently carried into adulthood, unless there’s a dramatic change at the dinner table.

If you’re thinking, “This sounds terrific, but I just don’t have the time!” Think again.

Overworked and stressed parents will find the many timesaving ideas, shortcuts, and tips in Baby BitesTM to be invaluable. In fact, if you’re a busy mom, whether or not you have a picky child, you’ll benefit from Baby Bites!

When a finicky child not only eats, but enjoys, once refused foods, parents always agree, “Baby Bites makes perfect Nonna-sense!”

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Betty Foot Prints

Coming November 2009

Forest Feast Cover 240The Forest Feast is a companion storybook, designed to reinforce the concepts detailed in the parenting book Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater. The lovable characters, Betty Baby BitesTM  and Try RannosaurusTM , come alive in an exciting day of mealtime adventures. The Forest Feast integrates fun and healthy eating, while incorporating multi-sensory learning. Try and Betty love to eat nutritious foods and their escapades emphasize the goodness of yummy whole foods.

A rumbling in Try’s tummy wakes him from slumber in part one, “Who’s Cooking Breakfast?”  The hunt for nourishment (especially the green variety) begins. In the second section, “Gone Fishing,” Try is easily distracted from his objective by his constant need to refuel. Try can be heard bellowing, “I’m so hungry, I could eat a tree!” as well as his favorite exclamation, “Green food is yummy!” The day progresses to its conclusion with the much-anticipated weekly event: The Forest Feast. Try, unable to make a decision as to his contribution to the meal, ends up surprising everyone.

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