Baby Bites Synopsis

*Nonna Joann Bruso takes a radical departure from previous books on picky eaters. In Baby Bites® , she tackles the problem from the child’s perspective, circumventing past failures by incorporating multi-sensory learning. The key to success in transforming a picky eater is the synergy of the Baby Bite Steps. It’s the combined effect of the steps that’s greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Baby Bites® provides a clear plan, which is easy for parents to follow. First, parents improve the nutritional value of their children’s foods: the foods they’re presently eating. Simultaneously, incorporating positive-discipline and directed-play during meals.

Directed-play is Bruso’s innovative parenting technique embodying the visual, auditory, and tactile ways learning occurs, while also engaging a child’s imagination. Directed-play, in concert with the other Baby Bite Steps, results in the swift transformation of even the most challenging picky eater. Whole foods, plus positive discipline, plus directed-play, equals success for the picky eater. Through directed-play, persnickety preschoolers are introduced to Betty Baby Bites and Try Rannosaurus® .

The characters are incorporated into the child’s mealtime, transforming previous dinner disasters into positive learning experiences. Try Rannosaurus® (he’ll try any food) is an enormous lubberly green dinosaur. Try has only one thing on his mind—food. He often bellows, “Green food is yummy.” And yes, Try takes great big bites as he devours everything edible in his path.

Try’s best buddy is Betty Baby Bites® , an adorable Italian mouse. She also eagerly consumes whole foods. Naturally, Betty takes only baby bites when she eats. Mealtime play with Betty and Try redirect the dialog at the table and the finicky preschooler experiences food utilizing all the child’s senses.

Bruso’s nearly forty years of parenting and now grand-parenting, as well as her thirty-year passion and independent study of nutrition, is condensed into bite-size pieces. She exposes “The Treacherous Trio,” who often hide in youngster’s favorite foods, and provides healthy alternatives, which are a snap to make.

In addition, she offers extremely practical shortcuts to preparing nutritious meals. Kid-tested recipes and fun activities offer ways to incorporate all the child’s senses into the mealtime experience.

*Nonna (Italian For Grandmother)

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