Foreward by LeAnn Thieman

Co-author Chicken Soup for the Grandma’s Soul
Co-author of 7 Chicken Soup books including New York Times Bestseller list Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul.

With picky eaters on the rise, moms and dads are searching for answers to this ever-increasing problem. Joann Bruso taxi gatwick offers innovative as well as practical solutions for parents of children who refuse to eat healthy foods.

Most of us are aware that food choices are important for our children’s health. In the last fifty years, we have changed the way we cook (or don’t cook). Increasing numbers of children are experiencing diseases once reserved for adults. In addition, many of our children are overweight. The end result is a national crisis in children’s health!

Baby Bites is a must for parents of any problem eater…the skinny fussy eater as well as the chubby fast taxi heathrow to london food-lover child. Joann takes a radical departure from other books on the topic. She throws the “One Bite Rule” out the window as she tackles the picky eater dilemma from the child’s perspective, no matter what age.

Circumventing past failures is vital in convincing the picky eater to taste new foods. Joann accomplishes this by engaging all the child’s senses during mealtimes. People learn by incorporating multi-sensory learning, and picky eaters do, too.

Directed-play is Joann’s innovative parenting technique embodying the visual, auditory, and tactile ways learning occurs, while also engaging children’s imaginations. They become captivated with the inclusion of her two characters, Betty Baby Bites and Try Rannosaurus during mealtimes. Picky eaters soon discover that whole foods are tasty. Try (a green dinosaur who loves green veggies) often affirms, “Green food is yummy!” With the Baby Bite Steps, in about a week, even the most challenging picky eater begins to taste once-refused foods.

Joann’s knowledge, gained over forty years of parenting and grand-parenting, as well as her thirty-year passion and independent study of nutrition, is condensed into digestible bite-size pieces. She offers positive, practical, and playful techniques that will make mealtimes and kids, happier and healthier.

Joann’s expertise in nutrition and love of children, makes her the ideal author of this delightful, transformational book. The strategies and recipes in Baby Bites are sure to bring happy hearts––and mealtimes––to moms and dads––and grandmas!

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