Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Picky Eater and ADD/ADHD

Nonna Joann • December 11th, 2008 • Autism Spectrum Disorder

I’m often asked by moms how to begin to improve their families’ diets. Just the other day, the question came up again. This time it was from a mom with a six-and-a-half year old daughter with ADHD.
Having a child with ADD/ADHD, who is a picky eater, initially takes more work. You may have a child self-limiting the kinds of whole [...]

More Kids Treated for Adult-Type Illnesses

Nonna Joann • November 7th, 2008 • Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is shocking!
Our children are at risk for diseases we once thought to be reserved for adults. The number of U.S. children taking medications for chronic disease is growing. Researchers at Express Scripts, St. Louis University and Kansas Health Institute evaluated the use of drugs to treat hypertension, high cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, depression, [...]

A ‘S.A.D.’ Diet

Nonna Joann • April 10th, 2008 • Autism Spectrum Disorder

Thirty years ago, I was like most moms, I didn’t have clue as to what was in the food I was purchasing. Our family ate the Standard American Diet, which is S.A.D.
My journey to whole foods began when Jenny, my third daughter, was diagnosed as hyperactive. Her pediatrician wanted to write a prescription at her [...]