Healthy Snacking

Satisfy Sweet Cravings Naturally

• March 14th, 2013 • Healthy Snacking

Have a Sweet Tooth? Satisfy it with a Fruit Smoothie: a blend of fruit and milk or coconut water. Smoothies are not only yummy, but nutritious at the same time. They make a perfect pick-me-up when energy is running low. Fruit is naturally sweet and full of nutrients: antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Smoothies provide [...]

Super Bowl Guilt-Free Snacking

• February 1st, 2013 • Healthy Snacking

Hosting a Super Bowl Party? What will you serve? According to a recent 2011 SUPERVALU® Snack Down Survey, the list of popular Super Bowl snacks include dips and spreads, chicken wings and pizza. Chips and salty snacks such as peanuts, popcorn or pretzels are present at most gatherings. Of course there’s the ever-popular burgers, hot [...]

Gray Popsicles & Other Strange Notions

• May 3rd, 2011 • Healthy Snacking

Gray Food The recent publicity about the Food and Drug Administration hearings on food dye and ADHD has created great awareness of the harm those chemicals can cause. But it has also spawned some odd notions. Food additive industry supporters warn that without petroleum-based neon dyes, our food will be gray! We can expect this [...]

Scrumptious School Snacks

• September 2nd, 2010 • Healthy Snacking

Looking for Healthy Snack Ideas? Moms can get stumped for variety in nutritious snacking. Celery, carrots, and apples aren’t the only options. To complicate matters, many schools prohibit dairy and nuts, because so many children have allergies. That means healthy foods like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, yogurt and cheese are eliminated right off the bat. We [...]

7 Winter Snacks

• December 17th, 2009 • Healthy Snacking

Cold outside? Warm up with these winter treats. Who says snacking has to be junky? Snacking is winter comfort when the food is warm and it can be good for you, too. Try these seven healthy warm treats. 1. Hot Cocoa There’s nothing like a hot cocoa on a cold day. The instant variety is [...]

Summer Food Fun

• June 18th, 2009 • Healthy Snacking

Easy & Healthy Munching We often rely on processed snacks, just because they’re easy. A mom’s question exemplifies the problems parents face with finding snacks that are both easy AND healthy. She says, “I’m looking for some easy-to-grab healthy snack ideas. My kids are sick of me saying ‘have a piece of fruit or some [...]

Organic Snacking Is Really Affordable

• May 8th, 2008 • Healthy Snacking

I made a trip to the grocery store in preparation for a talk I was giving. We constantly hear how expensive organic foods are and I wanted to make my own cost-comparison: Processed Snacks to Organic Munchies. How much will purchasing organic foods actually impact your budget? Turns out it depends. We know organic cost more than conventionally grown fruit and veggies. It’s usually [...]

It’s Easy To Reduce Sugars

• April 15th, 2008 • Healthy Snacking

You can be one smart cookie when you eliminate, or at least drastically reduce, sugars from your child’s diet. Especially for the picky eater, who isn’t eating a healthy variety of foods, this one adjustment will open the door to appreciating different tastes. Keep your pantry stocked with nourishing items! If healthful foods are easily [...]