Speaking Engagements


Nonna Joann is available to speak to moms’, women’s,
and church groups, at ladies’ retreats,
seminars and teachers’ conferences.
For more information call 303-841-8180 or email mail: nonnajoann@comcast.net

For moms Nonna Joann Bruso is the bearer of:
Good News: A child’s limited food preferences can be altered. Picky eating doesn’t have to last a lifetime.

  • Better News: New moms are able taxi heathrow to avoid having to deal with a fussy eater, because babies can learn to love whole foods from the very beginning.
  • Best News Ever: Nonna Joann explains how moms can transform a picky eater into a healthy eater in only 7 days
  • Nonna Joann Bruso’s presentations focus on the practical aspects of healthy eating and how to transform the picky eater. She explains learning most readily taxi gatwick occurs when all the senses are involved. Because of this fact, her Baby Bite Steps incorporate multi-sensory learning in the child’s culinary experience. ( Click Here for the Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater synopsis.)

    She also integrates various sensory techniques in her presentations to moms and teachers. After all, it’s so taxi heathrow to london much more fun to learn that way! Now, with the new storybook, The Forest Feast, Nonna Joann has added a new speaking topic taxi gatwick to london incorporating multi-sensory learning and the Food Pyramid for preschool and early elementary teachers: Healthy Bites Lesson Plans. ( Click Here for The Forest Feast synopsis.)

    Speaking Topics for Moms’ Groups:
    1) Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater (45 minutes)
    Transform your picky eater’s wall of resistance into building blocks of good health.

    2) Fun Food Quiz (30 to 60 minutes)
    Discerning truth from the food-hype. This fun quiz is interactive.
    Moms discover that much of the food they purchase is highly processed, loaded with additives and chemicals.  

    3) Nutrition Strategies for Savvy Moms (45 minutes)
    Uncovering food myths:
    1) We eat better than most of the world.
    2) Organic and whole foods cost more.
    3) Cooking takes too much time.

    Speaking Topic for Teacher Groups:
    Healthy Bites Lesson Plans for preschool and early elementary teachers. The Forest Feast is the starting point for multi-sensory learning applied to healthy eating and the Food Pyramid. This presentation includes numerous ways to add multi-sensory learning techniques with the reading of The Forest Feast in a classroom setting.

    What Moms are Saying:
    “I loved the class (Fun Food Quiz)–mind blowing. It was an attention getter. Makes me want to learn more.”
    -Christine Rivera, Littleton, Colorado

    “Excellent talk, this will change my kid’s lives.”
    -Heather Cody, MOMS Club, Parker NE, Colorado

    “Good information about sugar hidden in foods.”
    -Ellen B, Vandenberg Moms, California

    “Your presentation really made me evaluate how much I could improve my child’s diet.”
    -Sasha Glabach, MOMS Club Chatfield, Colorado

    “I loved hearing about Try Rannosaurus and feeding him to get your child to eat… I‘m really inspired to get my family eating healthy!
    -Jennifer Wagner, MOPS Littleton, Colorado

    “The presentation was informative and (the Baby Bites Steps) easy to implement.”
    Carolynne Holmes, Colorado Springs, Colorado

    “I especially liked the concepts of play for learning to try new foods, engaging all your senses to learn how to eat, and positive discipline relating to staying on task and focused on the meal.”
    -Kat Winslow, Littleton, Colorado

    “The worksheets made it easy to follow the lecture…This was a very eye-opening lecture for me.”
    -Jade Fox, MOPS Colorado Springs, Colorado”

    “Nonna Joann has a comprehensive coverage of the topic. She’s very knowledgeable and therefore credible.”
    -Stacey Herebic, Mom Steps, Colorado Springs

    “Nonna Joann has a great way of encouraging us to change in a loving way.”
    -Shelley Lugauer, Mom Steps, Colorado Springs

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