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Growing Healthy Kids

Nonna Joann • July 16th, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

Growing healthy kids starts in pregnancy and continues for a lifetime. When the first foods your baby receives is from the garden and you never purchase fast or processed foods, your child will naturally eat healthy foods.
Contrary to popular belief, picky eaters are not born, they’re made. While we may have a natural preference for [...]

Hidden Toxin in Food

Nonna Joann • April 23rd, 2009 • Horrible Foods

Not the First to Deceive
Initially, trans fat was touted as a healthy alternative to other fats! For years, products with trans fat, like margarine, were thought to be a healthy choice. After 30 years of pressure, the FDA finally admitted that trans fat is harmful to health. Trans fat wasn’t always identified, but lumped together [...]

Nonna’s Happy Meal Blog

Nonna Joann • March 3rd, 2009 • Horrible Foods

Even picky eaters will eat fast food, especially French fries. A recent survey found the French fry to be baby’s first finger food. When I talk to moms, they always insist their children don’t eat that many French fries. Someone is in denial.
Researchers at Ohio State University analyzed government data on 6,500 children and teens, ages 2 to 18. They [...]

Junk Food Is, Well, Junk

Nonna Joann • July 15th, 2008 • Horrible Foods

Morgan Spurlock, producer, director, and guinea pig of Super-Size Me, shocked America by documenting his month-long fast-food binge. I had no desire to watch his movie…until recently. I thought the premise was preposterous, after all, who wouldn’t expect to gain weight after eating exclusively at McDonalds?
I couldn’t have been more wrong. Supersize-Me, actually shed light [...]

Don’t Cook?

Nonna Joann • June 5th, 2008 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

You Can Still Eat Healthy
Writing is a solitary business, but one that pretty much suits me. After my book, “Baby Bites: Transforming a Picky Eater into a Healthy Eater,” came out, I found myself writing a talk. That was the easy part. Speaking to groups was more of a challenge. Just about the time I [...]