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Three Steps to a Healthy Eater

Nonna Joann • March 12th, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

You can transform your picky eater into a healthy eater!

Incorporate the following three easy steps to encourage healthy eating. Even picky eaters begin to appreciate the taste and texture of whole foods when you take the offensive.
1. Purchase Whole Foods
When you stock your pantry and refrigerator are with whole foods, your children will eat whole foods. One [...]

Eating Out and Trans Fat

Nonna Joann • March 8th, 2009 • Horrible Foods

Twenty-one percent of toddlers eat French fries EVERY DAY!

In the United States, typical French fries have about 40 percent trans fat, and many cookies and crackers range from 30 to 50 percent trans fat. Doughnuts have approximately 35 percent trans fatty acids. A couple of the worst offenders are found in many kitchens-stick margarine and [...]

Fueling a Picky Eater

Nonna Joann • March 3rd, 2009 • Spoonful of Love

Picky eating is a prevailing concern for parents and rightly so. We have more picky eaters than every before. Depending on the study, between 20 and 66 percent of parents say they have a “problem eater.”
A mom with a picky eater asks for advice. She’s concerned about her toddler, who was born prematurely and at [...]

Nonna’s Happy Meal Blog

Nonna Joann • March 3rd, 2009 • Horrible Foods

Even picky eaters will eat fast food, especially French fries. A recent survey found the French fry to be baby’s first finger food. When I talk to moms, they always insist their children don’t eat that many French fries. Someone is in denial.
Researchers at Ohio State University analyzed government data on 6,500 children and teens, ages 2 to 18. They [...]

The Holidays with a Picky Eater

Nonna Joann • December 1st, 2008 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

This is absolutely the worst time of the year for sugar consumption. The problem for children is that simple carbohydrates (especially sugar) are primary in their diets. To make matters worse for the picky eater, who self-limits veggies and whole grains, is that they love to eat junk foods and sweets.
Our traditional holiday foods only make it more difficult for parents of [...]

Junk Food Is, Well, Junk

Nonna Joann • July 15th, 2008 • Horrible Foods

Morgan Spurlock, producer, director, and guinea pig of Super-Size Me, shocked America by documenting his month-long fast-food binge. I had no desire to watch his movie…until recently. I thought the premise was preposterous, after all, who wouldn’t expect to gain weight after eating exclusively at McDonalds?
I couldn’t have been more wrong. Supersize-Me, actually shed light [...]