Psychedelic Flavors

Nonna Joann • February 15th, 2010 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

Do you know what percentage of food dollars is spent on processed foods, most, if not all, which have added chemicals to enhance flavor?
Kids are conditioned to these psychedelic flavors. The additives like food flavorings, 
high fructose corn syrup, MSG and salt are almost always ingredients in processed foods, especially junk foods. Salt is added [...]

Nonna Joann’s Top 10 ‘Worst’ Foods

Nonna Joann • December 24th, 2009 • Horrible Foods

Nonna’s Ten ‘Worst’ Foods of the Decade Part 2
Our food supply has become so polluted that it’s difficult to discern what’s a whole food and what’s not. I’ve divided my ‘Top 10 Worst Foods of the Decade’ in half. Today’s blog contains the second half: 5 through 1.
Click Here to see Part One. [...]

The Decade’s Top 10 ‘Worst’ Foods

Nonna Joann • December 22nd, 2009 • Horrible Foods

Part 1
How Did I Choose the Foods On Nonna’s ‘Worst’ Foods List?
I must admit this list was harder to put together than I first thought. Our food supply is mostly processed and when you’re talking about processed anything, well, it’s just not healthy. I decided to pick the most common horrible foods I could think [...]

Kids’ Asthma Related to Sugar

Nonna Joann • September 29th, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

Sugar has been linked to kids with asthma. It’s not surprising, because, each person eats approximately two and half pounds of sugar each week. Asthma now affects nearly 9 percent of children and teens, a figure that has doubled in the last twenty years.
Poor eating habits, including frequent consumption of sugary foods, are among the [...]

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Nonna Joann • June 9th, 2009 • Horrible Foods

What danger do picnics, barbecues, camping, cool movie theaters,
& swimming pool, birthday and beach parties have in common?
Carbonated Soft Drinks
Soda Pop Part 1: High Fructose Corn Syrup
To beat the heat, we often reach for an ice-cold can of soda pop! Today, more than a quarter of ALL drinks consumed in the U.S. are carbonated drinks.
Most parents are [...]

Processed Foods = Sugar

Nonna Joann • May 21st, 2009 • Horrible Foods

How much sugar is there in processed foods?

Turns out a lot!
We tend to overlook added sugars in processed foods. But, sugar is a primary ingredient in most of our processed foods and breakfast foods are the worst. Sugar is an early riser, who loves to ambush your child first thing in the morning. He lays [...]

Healthy Kids & pH Levels

Nonna Joann • May 21st, 2009 • Food as Medicine

What is pH?
Every solution is either acidic or alkaline, including our body fluids. The body is designed to maintain a constant pH 7.4 in the blood. It does this by depositing and withdrawing acid and alkaline minerals from the bones, soft tissues, body fluids (blood, saliva, and urine). Your pH levels are usually more acidic in the [...]

Parenting a Picky Eater

Nonna Joann • March 21st, 2009 • Spoonful of Love

Take the Baby Bites quiz—
Find out how proficient you are at promoting picky eating in your prodigy.
If your offspring is eating primarily fast foods, white flour, sugar, and only a few whole foods, you’re headed in the right direction for raising a picky eater. Picky eaters universally love these foods while refusing to eat whole [...]

5 Tips for Healthy Happy Holidays

Nonna Joann • December 19th, 2008 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

This coming week is the busiest holiday week of the year. Sunday night kicks off with Hanukkah, Christmas on Thursday, New Year’s Eve celebrations on December 31, ending with January 1 football games and partying. More people will be entertaining this week, than any other time of year. The challenge is how to eat healthy when [...]

The Picky Eater and ADD/ADHD

Nonna Joann • December 11th, 2008 • Autism Spectrum Disorder

I’m often asked by moms how to begin to improve their families’ diets. Just the other day, the question came up again. This time it was from a mom with a six-and-a-half year old daughter with ADHD.
Having a child with ADD/ADHD, who is a picky eater, initially takes more work. You may have a child self-limiting the kinds of whole [...]