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‘Forest Feast’ Pizza Box Flannel Board

Nonna Joann • January 12th, 2010 • 'The Forest Feast' Teaching Helps

Pizza Box Flannel Board

The Pizza Box Flannel Board idea came from my sister, Linda. She has been teaching preschool for over 20 years. Linda uses the Pizza Box Flannel Board for center time. Center time is when the children choose an activity do to alone at a table. In addition, The Forest Feast flannel pieces may also be [...]

7 Fun Whole Food Activities

Nonna Joann • January 5th, 2010 • 'The Forest Feast' Teaching Helps

Getting your kids to eat their veggies doesn’t have to be to be a battle! My new children’s storybook, The Forest Feast: Baby Bites Mealtime Adventures, integrates fun with whole foods. The Forest Feast is designed to help develop healthy eating habits in children. It’s a must-have for any picky eater.
Best friends, Betty Baby Bites®, a [...]

Three ‘B’s to Healthy Eating

Nonna Joann • December 8th, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy, and protein-rich foods compromise a healthy diet. Of course, you have to persuade your kids to eat them. Fast foods, highly sugared foods, snacks loaded with altered fats only make your job harder.
Engineered foods are leaving dietary gaps replacing whole foods. Ironically, experts say, our kids are actually missing out [...]

7 Terrific Breakfast Ideas

Nonna Joann • December 1st, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should NEVER be skipped. Unfortunately, we usually reach for the easiest answer to “What’s for breakfast?” Boxed cereal is the number one item on the breakfast menu. More than 2.7 billion packages of cereal are sold in grocery stores each year. It’s the third most popular supermarket [...]

Give the Gift of Health

Nonna Joann • November 25th, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

This holiday season, give the gift of health to a child you love. The Forest Feast: Baby Bites Mealtime Adventures is a delightful storybook with a yummy whole foods message. Best friends Betty Baby BitesTM, a tiny Italian mouse and Try Rannosaurus®, a gigantic T-Rex, eat their way through a prehistoric forest. These lovable buddies [...]

Fun with Whole Foods

Nonna Joann • November 24th, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

7 Whole Food Activities Using The Forest Feast
The Forest Feast is a whole foods storybook. The characters, Try Rannosaurus® and Betty Baby BitesTM, love to eat whole foods, especially veggies. Naturally, reading the story again and again will reinforce this concept.
Your child doesn’t have to be a “picky eater” to benefit from The Forest Feast. Children are constantly bombarded [...]

Read ‘The Forest Feast’ Aloud

Nonna Joann • November 18th, 2009 • 'The Forest Feast' Teaching Helps

The Forest Feast storybook is designed to help develop healthy eating habits in children.
Following are directions for reading the book to a group of children.
Read Aloud
Show the children the front cover of the book. Make sure to hold the book in front you in such a way that the children can easily see the pictures. [...]

OJ Not a Health Food

Nonna Joann • November 12th, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

Parents think they’re giving their kids nutritious foods. I know I did. Moms often tell me that their child loves fruited yogurt in the cute containers. Yogurt has beneficial probitotics, doesn’t it? What most don’t realize is the yogurt they’re giving their kids has almost as much added sugars as a can of pop!
Isn’t Orange Juice a Whole [...]

Keep Kids Healthy with Probiotics

Nonna Joann • November 10th, 2009 • Food as Medicine

When I speak to groups, one of the most asked about subjects is probiotics. Probiotics are the friendly or good bacteria in our guts. They are said to help prevent and relieve allergies, yeast infections, eczema, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowl syndrome, urinary tract infections, colic, asthma, autoimmune diseases, constipation, diarrhea and even cancer. There’s new evidence [...]

Kids in the Kitchen

Nonna Joann • November 5th, 2009 • Nonna's Nutrition News & Views

Today’s Food for Thought: Let Your Kids Help You in the Kitchen

Healthy eating is encouraged when all the senses are used. When introducing healthful foods to any child, especially a picky eater, you’ll want to have them help prepare the food. Learning to eat nutritious foods is a process, in which all the senses must be engaged. [...]